Student Success

Each teenager has his or her own unique interests, goals, and strengths. Yet, every student should have the same opportunity to succeed and graduate from high school. That’s why the Ontario government is working with you to improve the learning experience for Grade 7 to 12 students. We share a common goal — to help all students build a promising future for themselves.

Every child learns in his or her own way – the doers, thinkers, watchers and readers and everyone in between. Your child may be ready and eager to explore a career path now, rather than wait for university or college. Perhaps he or she has a passion for hands-on learning that goes beyond traditional classroom teaching. Or maybe your child needs help focusing on graduating and building a future. 

Ontario high schools are changing to meet the individual needs of students. Our school is offering expanded programs to help meet student’s individual learning styles and interests which will better prepare them for graduation and beyond.

Ontario has responded by focusing on:
More high-quality course options inside and outside of the classroom
More one-on-one support when students need extra help

This is called our Student Success Strategy.

This strategy is giving educators, parents, employers, college and university partners, students and others the necessary tools to create an engaging school experience for all teenagers.

There are many new programs being rolled out across the province for students pursuing university, college, apprenticeships or the workplace after graduation.

  • Specialist High Skills Majors allow students to focus on a future career through a bundle of classroom courses, workplace experiences and sector certifications
  • Expansion of Cooperative Education allows students to count this hands-on learning towards two compulsory high school credits
  • E-Learning provides students with online courses and allows teachers to share resources across the province (to be offered at a later date)
  • Dual Credits count towards a student’s high school diploma as well as a college certificate, diploma or apprenticeship certification (to be offered at a later date)
  • Think Literacy and Leading Math Success ensure teachers have the resources they need to help students build a solid foundation in reading, writing and math.

Support is also being provided to struggling high school students so they can get back on track to graduate.

  • Elementary To Secondary School Transition Program helps students succeed in high school through individual profiles, customized timetables, caring adult program and other supports
  • Student Success Teams (principal, student success teacher, guidance counselor, special education teacher and other educators) provide extra attention in every high school to students who need it.

Whether it be credit rescue, credit recovery, Differentiated Instruction, Caring Adult, Specialist High Skills Major, transition teams, school success teams or expanded coop, PSB schools provide programs and services to help students find and measure their own success.

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